Two Visits

are enough

You’ll need only two basic visits to the dentist for stunning teeth and a bright smile! A primary visit is required for case study and evaluation, with full oral examination to diagnose any problems with the teeth or the old treatments. After patient approval and C-bella type is chosen; primary teeth measurements and professional dental photography are taken.



The expert team will meet your highest standard requirements in your natural smile and create a unique smile that perfectly matches your face & personality, an impression of your teeth will be taken carefully after teeth preparation, taking into consideration the shape of the face & lips.

Based on the photos, impressions and case study; C-bella’s handmade process will begin.



In the second visit the professional team will carefully fix your new gorgeous smile of C-bella one by one without any pain , taking care of the aesthetic, functional and hygienic aspects.

Finaly Dr. Anchassy begins with the fine art work with a magic touch adding the details that will make you stand out from the crowd, creating a masterpiece of art out of C-bella signed by Anchassy Smile.