Frequently Asked Questions

about the C-bella Smile Make-Over

What is C-Bella?

Anchassy smile clinic provides cosmetic dentistry using C-Bella technique, which is the most ultrathin veneer in the world, and it is registered as a trade mark globally by its creator Dr. Mohammad Anchassy. We have three different types of C-bella veneers.

What is the cost of a smile make-over at your clinic?

We have three price options for smile makeover using C-Bella veneer, depending on the chosen type of C-Bella. Please contact us to find out more.

Do I need to get teeth preparation in order to have the new smile?

Yes, of course.. C-Bella is the most ultrathin ceramic veneer in the world with the thickness of (0.3-0.5 mm), it requires minimal teeth preparation to guarantee the ideal results (esthetic wise, hygienic wise, practical and fixation wise). Unlike other techniques used elsewhere with no preparation, that cause in most cases hygienic problems with time (inflamed gum and bad breath) in addition to bad esthetic results (bulky shape and oversize).

What is the difference between C-Bella and the ordinary veneer/non preparation veneer?

The non-prep veneers are promoted as a (no teeth preparation) cosmetic solution, that can be fixated directly to the teeth, but in fact they have a significant negative hygienic outcome through their relationship with the gum; creating a bump that leaves a gap allowing food debris and plaque/calculus to accumulate, thus, tooth decay would appear under this price of cermaic in addition to gum infection and bad oral breath. Aesthetically these veneers have bad results as teeth look bulky, oversized with an unnatural shade color.

Ordinary veneers require a lot of tooth preparation and enamel removal, putting the teeth at risk of hypersensitivity and RCT. C-Bella takes moderate position between the two mentioned types as it requires a minimal teeth preparation (0.3-0.5 mm) which makes it the most ultra- hygienic ceramic veneer in relation to the tooth structure.

C-Bella is also unique by its design, and the prepared tooth design that present sealed contact without leaving any gaps, which make C-Bella the ultra-hygienic ceramic veneer in relation to the gum as well (prevent gum infection and bad oral breath). Aesthetically, C-Bella overpasses the other types by the ability of 3D high quality ceramic layers gradual build-up, making it the most vital, natural look and solid veneer ever known. C-Bella smile is custom designed for each person depending on the facial features, character, age and job position. And on top of all: C-bella comes with a guarantee from Anchassy smile.

Is it true that veneers cause bad oral breath?

This information is totally correct when it comes to ordinary and unprofessional techniques of cosmetic procedures.Non-preparation veneers can be fixated directly to the teeth, but in fact they create a bump that leaves a gap allowing food debris and plaque/calculus to accumulate, thus gum infection and bad oral breath will show up by time. Ordinary veneers could ignore the sealed contact between the veneer and tooth surface causing the same problems.On the other side, C-Bella overpasses those problems by its design, and the prepared tooth design with minimal preparation (0.3-0.5mm) that present sealed contact without leaving any gaps.

How many veneers do I need to have a new smile?

The number of required teeth differs from one person to another depending on the size of mouth opening and the number of showing teeth while talking and smiling.
In general, the number is in the range between:
- 16 teeth (8 upper, 8 lower)
- 20 teeth (10 upper, 10 lower)
- 24 teeth (12 upper, 12 lower)

What is the estimated period of time of C-bella smile procedure? how many visits?

The time needed to finish the case differs, depending on the chosen type of C-Bella, but it ranges between (10-15 days).A primary visit is required for case study and evaluation, with full oral examination to diagnose any problems with the teeth or the old treatments. After patient approval and C-Bella type is chosen; primary teeth measurements and professional dental photography are taken.

The patient would be notified in case of the presence of any dental decays or the necessity for other treatments such as (perio, implants, RCT….etc) to schedule appointments in order to start with those treatments, as the ultimate cosmetic treatment plan of Anchassy Smile requires the fixation of C-Bella only on sound teeth, otherwise the consequences would be unfavorable, and the guarantee we provide for C-Bella will not include the teeth that patient refuses to be treated prior to the cosmetic treatment.

After completing the scheduled treatments or in case of no treatment is required; we proceed to the First essential visit: a session of 3-4 hours where minimal teeth preparation is done based on the case study.

At the end of this session, the final teeth impressions are taken and a cosmetic temporary restoration is applied to serve the patient during the handmade manufacturing time of C-Bella.

The second essential visit: 10-15 days after the last visit, this session of 3-4 hours is about C-Bella try-in, then the final fixation while taking care of the esthetic, functional and hygienic aspects. An extra session could be required sometimes for reshaping.

Are there installments options?

We do not accept cheques neither provide installments option, the payment method at Anchassy smile clinic is either cash or debit/credit card as follow:

50% of total value is paid after patient approval on treatment plan prior to teeth preparation in the first visit. The remaining 50% is paid in the final visit, the day of C-Bella fixation.

Can I get a discount on C-bella?

Actually, C-Bella given prices are well studied and carefully chosen to serve everybody with its three types presented by Anchassy smile: C-Bella, C-Bella Plus, C-Bella Diamond. Thus, we regret to decline any discount request, so the patient can choose the most convenient type for him/herself.

Is it necessary to have the cosmetic procedure done on both upper and lower teeth?

You can do upper teeth only, but then we need to follow the lower teeth color so they can look natural, or in case you wanted a brighter new shade for the new upper teeth, you should consider get the lower teeth done in the near future. In fact, the ultimate aesthetic result cannot be achieved unless by doing the upper and lower teeth.

Can C-Bella fix the overall look of my teeth?

C-Bella provides multiple solutions for every single problem mentioned there, esthetic wise, functional and hygienic wise, due to its unique characterizations (quality- durability- esthetic- natural look) and the high professional hygienic standard obtained by Anchassy smile team while designing the case.

You can send us your smile photos on Whtasapp. You will then receive a photo of a similar case of yours done at Anchassy smile clinic using C-Bella technique.

Can I change the color and shapes of my old ceramic restorations using C-Bella without the need for removing them?

Yes, but that can be done only if the borders of those restorations are in safe relation with the gum line, and when the teeth are sound under them. After accurate examination by the experienced Anchassy Smile cosmetic team, C-Bella can be fixated on the old ceramic restorations with a special technique.

Can I remove the veneers in the future, and stay without them?

No, Cosmetic dentistry procedure using C-Bella or any other type of veneer/non-preparation veneer is an irreversible procedure; You can replace them but never can stay without them.

Do I need to book a consultation appointment?

In order for us to serve you in the best way you deserve, and to prevent any delay of patient’s entry to the doctor’s room, or pressing the doctor’s schedule out of a sudden, we kindly ask you to call and book an appointment in advance.

Will Dr. Anchassy personally work on my case?

All C-Bella cases are executed under the supervision of Dr. Anchassy, by the experienced team in cosmetics of Anchassy smile doctors.

For how long does C-Bella last?

C-Bella with its high quality and durability could last for more than 10 years, but only if the patient is adhered to previously mentioned instructions and terms and conditions of the C-Bella guarantee.

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